A Season Well Spent


Oh Red River Gorge. My home crag… and now one of my homes. I’ve been living in Kentucky on and off for almost six years now, and climbing at the Red for five. When I ended up at the Miguel’s Pizza campsite in the fall of 2015 I figured I would be there for a couple months and then move on. I ended up spending the last year entirely in Kentucky, and it’s getting harder and harder to leave every time.

Here are some moments from my season in the Red:


Ian on Bedtime for Bonzo. Topping this route out is a sublime experience.

018_08aIndian Creek.


Zack on Rock Wars.

019_07aWelcome open old beer.

007_19aRJ in The Infirmary.


Beau sliced his finger with a table saw a year ago. This is him back in action sending The Gift.

002_24aMobile homes.

001_25aChoo choo all aboard.


David doing The Preacher’s Daughter.

img_2854-2I like turtles.


Jay on Tacit and Dino probably barking or something.

008_18aMe and Beau, at the end of the season. See ya in Mexico!


Another of Ian on Bedtime for Bonzo.

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