No Place Like Home



“Hey man, you ready to go?” Jake asked me.

“Almost.” I replied. “I gotta clean one more room and then I should be good to go.”

“Sweet man. I’ll meet you at your car.”

The plan was simple. Me and Jake both were done with work at Miguel’s around 11. Our goal was to climb No Place Like Home at Emerald City. It’s an iconic line that ascends past the tree level above the road. Ever since I started climbing in the Red it was one of my pipe dream routes I had been saving until I was strong enough. Now was the time.


Jake is one of the thriftiest people I’ve met. By dumpster diving for food he’s spent less than $50 in the last five months.

We regrouped and headed to the wall. After warming up on a nearby route, I carried my rope to the base of No Place Like Home and tied in. Jake followed and put me on belay.

I inspected my knot, and looked over my gear one last time. “Carabiner locked?” I asked Jake.

“Yeah man! You ready?” he replied.

“Yep! Alright, I’m just gonna do it.”

I got on the wall and started making my way up. The first bolt is about thirty feet up. It’s only 5.easy climbing in a flake feature to get to it, but it’d still be a serious fall if you didn’t make it. I slowly climbed, trying my best to remain calm.

Finally I arrived at the bolt. In order to clip, I would have to step out onto the face. I glanced down, looking at the drop under me. I quickly stepped out and clipped in before my mind could process the height.

“Alright Jake! I’m in!” I shouted, relieved.

“Good job! Get it!” he shouted back.

004_22aView from the top of No Place Like Home.

I started rock climbing in the Red. It started when a friend of a friend took me and some others climbing at Muir Valley. Three years later I’m living in my car just to climb more. After blowing most of my budget in Colorado I decided the Red would be the best place to recoup some funds and still get some climbing in. What I didn’t expect was that it would begin to feel like home. Three months later I’ve made some incredible friends and gotten to experience a way of life I haven’t found anywhere else.

I looked up and took one last glance at the path ahead of me. “Alright Jake! I’m gonna go for it!” I yelled. I reached up and started climbing.


019_07aFall and Adam’s badass Forest Service Astro Van.

014_12aDaniel Boone Coffee Shoppe.

024_02aJake checking the guidebook at Bibliotek.

025_01aMiguel’s Pizza. Heaven on Earth.

026_0aA rare sight. Deserted people port.

021_05aAndrew stick clipping Snozzberries (5.12a).

017_09aAdam racking up for Rock Wars (5.10a).



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  1. John Wesely says:

    Quite a cliffhanger there

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