012_14aGriffin on Golden Showers.

Failed plans or a complete lack of plans. Sometimes you just need to make an impromptu trip and climb some smaller-than-normal rocks. Here are my shots from a day in Rocktown.

006_20aSoap on a Rope.

015_11aMan’s best friend.

013_13aYou’ve seen this before.

014_12aThe view from the bottom of Makin’ Waves. That topout made my butthole pucker.

010_16aGriffin on Gritstone Arete.

017_09aAaron and Ashley taking turns on Belly Button.

019_07a“It looks like a dinosaur thought the rock was ice cream and took a big lick out of it.”

005_21aHey thar.

023_03aMan’s best…friend?

024_02aA successful day.


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